It takes courage to tell the truth about cannabis which is too often trivialized. My generation (I am 40 years old) trivializes its use and I confirm that all social groups and generations are affected (Parents, Grandparents) even in my professional sphere. Cannabis and alcohol are evils prevailing in society and affect ALL OF OUR YOUTH, even the very young (well-off , intellectuals ... ). Unfortunately it's all true!

Having spent a few months at a university in the USA (Florida) i discovered that some very good teachers also smoked cannabis. I was shocked by how commonplace it was and this was 20 years ago. The funny thing was that they were always warned in advance when they were going to be tested by urinalysis so that they could avoid testing positive.

The situation is the same in France today, 20 years later. As a mother of 3 boys, I do worry. Drugs are everywhere and my children may have to say no to their best friend. I will buy your book and tell my entourage to read it. Thank you for making me discover Sister Elvira. You are my references!