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Book : What is the drug ?

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What is the drug ?Marie-Christine d'WellesEditions Jean-Cyrille Godefroy, 2013.

This book provides objective and scientific information to find data, arguments and essential information on drugs. It provides all parents and adolescents, abstainers or users with reliable and scientific information. This text is the best current support to communication on the subject within the family.

This book is a wonderful educational tool, accessible for all.


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Keeping one's self-esteem

What makes our teenager so charming is seeing him changing, his excesses, his vitality, his enthusiasm. If he takes drugs, his joy will disappear and will be replaced by attitudes, which will gradually become so unbearable that we will no longer recognize our own child. He will not recover his joy and the pleasure of being involved in what he likes by taking psychiatric drugs. These poisons will end up damaging his personality, destroying his abilities and reducing to nothing his moral...

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Let us be an example

A new year is beginning. Let us continue, let us intensify our fight against the curse of drugs. Our children must be able to go about their business, to study, to have fun, to travel without being the prey of those who only want to destroy them. Let us go on tirelessly giving them arguments to refuse drugs. Let us help them by refusing it ourselves. Let us not accept being prescribed sleeping pills, antidepressants, stimulants because our difficulties, real and painful as they are today, will have...

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Another Miracle Pill

An anti-tobacco campaign, complete with miracle cures, has been invading France. You or your children, your parents and friends may have discussed the pros and cons of the serious information being circulated. We all understand that those "criminal" smokers will be punished at last. Phew! I have even heard that a brand new miracle pill will be on the market that replaces cigarettes during working hours. This new product, made in an excellent laboratory, unfortunately cannot be given to those...

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