Looking back on it, I told myself that I joined the organization – in 2000 – out of a mother's pure love! Actually, it was the fear that I would find out too late or say to myself "If only I had known!", especially for my 16 year old daughter, when my husband and I had been managing a night club for years.

By chance, an information session was taking place near to my house. At last I knew what to say, I felt strong for my children and ready to launch myself into the battle. Without going into details, the "parents' training session" helped me a lot. Even now, I am astonished by the number of parents who completely ignore the dangers of hashish. What a pity! As my personal activities changed, I ceased to run the parents' training sessions in recent years but I realized that despite my three children laughing at me, they were proud to say that I was an "anti-hashish activist". And then, as the cherry on the cake, at Christmas lunch, as we were laughing at everyone's "mannerisms" my son Nicolas whispered into my ear: "You know, mum, we have often laughed at you and your "meetings" but actually it really helped us to say no!" What a joy! It was more than enough to resume the training sessions and continue the fight.