and two years ago I discovered that several of my schoolmates –not necessarily from my class – were doing drugs. They smoked joints.


We realize they take drugs because of their behavior –aggressive or excited- and the color of their face. They look ill. I asked them why they were taking drugs and what they got from them. They told me that after using them, they would feel good, "in a good mood", that everything was floating around them, that they were talking crap but it didn't seem to affect them, that they were seeing or hearing things, that they looked "cool" or "fun".

I don't feel like trying it because they don't look as cool and fun as they think they are. My schoolmates have difficulties in following the lessons, in learning, they are very excited and violent. I think that they lock themselves up little by little. When I see them in this state, I feel disgusted and shocked. I don't understand what they are looking for because they are destroying themselves.

Aurélien, 9th Grade