I had no idea it was going to lead me into a very dark place, as far as I was concerned, there was no danger.

We are under so much pressure to look good, to be intelligent, to work hard, to party until late (...) The only way I could stop taking cocaine was to accept my weaknesses. Drugs act as a real break – we think they give us energy but in fact they burn up our energy, take it away.


"Drug is a real brake, it takes us all our energy, we think that that gives us, but in fact that kidnaps us " asserts Lolita Sene, author of C. The black face of the white,  Robert Laffont Edition, March 2015. She tells her first taking of cocaine, when she was 19 years old, and how she was allowed trap some drug on a daily basis, to hold out, while she worked in the special event management.


Lolita Sene is also the author of Me Juliette F: the blog of a cokée generation. Her book is the continuity. We find the character of Juliette there for whom the cocaine is omnipresent, a real stand of self-confidence. C. The black face of the white watch to what extent the cocaine became commonplace and how much the determination has to be to get out of this drug.