In France, 50% of youth aged 15 to 19 regularly consume psychotropic drugs, such as cannabis, poppers, tranquillizers, amphetamines, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, cocaine and so on. It is the highest level of consumption in Europe and the percentage of suicide amongst those aged 14 to 24 is the highest in the world! We can say that this is a real scam, collaborated by and with the connivance of, to a greater or lesser extent, health professionals and many parents.

Our children are ill because they take drugs and we are told that they take drugs because they are ill.

If they started to take drugs, it is because they have been lied to in making them believe that they could or they should take them in order to be happy. Take the drugs away from them and you will see they are well. There are times that are more difficult than others and it is normal to have problems to resolve in one's life. Overcoming these difficulties through will power allows on to grow stronger and to gain self-esteem. That which leads to success is the strength of one's will and tenacity. There is no success without effort. There is no success without love. Psychotropic drugs, be they legal or illegal, lead to depression and suicide, they destroy the immune system and the moral conscience, they annihilate reflexes, cautiousness and memory. What parent would dare to give such poisons to their child? Millions!

When we are told of an epidemic of depression and suicide, of a new rise in diseases, of an increase in criminality and violence, of an escalation of road accidents, of illiteracy, it is the influence nationwide of psychotropic drugs on the body and mind of which they speak.

If you are sad if you lose a dear friend, if you are disappointed or angry that you have failed at an exam, if have you difficulties in falling asleep, if you are worried because you have been looking for a job for sometime, you will be prescribed psychotropic drugs.

These prescriptions have become incredibly widespread in France whereas psychiatric drugs hardly heal anything but all have destructive properties and terrible side effects. Those drugs are prescribed perfectly legally. If your child dies because of them or commits suicide, it will be called an "acting out", not saying of course that he was under the influence of drugs. Anger, fear, pain, mourning, drug-addiction rehabilitation, smoking, fatigue, recovery, malnutrition: all are helped by these miracle pills, and always the same ones from the cradle to the grave. It is unbelievable, but I see young people taking the same drug, the same molecules prescribed by their doctor or their psychiatrist for problems as different as those related to skin, to fatigue, to mourning, to bad results in school, to being highly gifted, to illegal drug consumption, to lack of interest, to lack of patience, to anorexia and so on. Indeed all of us are liable to be "healed". An article in the Washington Post commented thus on the avalanche of mental pathologies: "The art of psychiatry consists of finding new problems to match with existing medicine."

Worry? I do because I have seen over the years all these French children put on that famous obedience pill, with disastrous consequences on their health. I want to talk about Ritalin, a powerful amphetamine. Who is it aimed at? Have a look at the description below of the famous attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity, which allows 7 million American children aged 6 to 17 to be given this terrible amphetamine with the permission of their parents. And how many children in other countries?

If your child has matched at least 8 of these criteria for more than 6 months, he will be considered hyperactive:

Fidgets with his hands or feet, or squirms in his seat. Has difficulty in remaining seated. Is easily distracted by outside stimuli. Has difficulty waiting for his turn while playing or in group situations. Answers questions before they are finished. Has difficulty in following instructions that are given to him. Has difficulty in keeping his attention on something. Switches between activities without finishing them. Has difficulty in playing quietly. Is overly talkative. Often interrupts others. Seems not to listen to what he is told. Often forgets his things. Is often involved in dangerous activities without being aware of their consequences.

According to this description, all my children would have been diagnosed with hyperactivity. This "trouble" has allowed many psychiatrists, now on trial in the USA, to put more and more children on this harrowing drug and on antidepressants. We have to stay vigilant and protect our children. We have to teach them from the very beginning to refuse drugs in any form. Enfance Sans Drogue relies on your responsibility and your love to not allow anyone to give drugs to your children.

There are many solutions to easy the journey that may be difficult and is often transitory. But we have to stay true to what we have learned and think instead about natural medicines.

Marie-Christine d'Welles