A new year is beginning. Let us continue, let us intensify our fight against the curse of drugs. Our children must be able to go about their business, to study, to have fun, to travel without being the prey of those who only want to destroy them. Let us go on tirelessly giving them arguments to refuse drugs. Let us help them by refusing it ourselves. Let us not accept being prescribed sleeping pills, antidepressants, stimulants because our difficulties, real and painful as they are today, will have passed in a few months. Let us be an example for them. Nothing can be stronger to them than the value of example. Let us not fear a few nights without sleep, jetlag, and face the truth, for truth alone will never die. One day or another the truth will be told. We have the strength to do it for the sake of our children. We all know that nothing is acquired without daily effort. To ascend a mountain summit is a great pleasure. Our youth is not mistaken, they strive for this: to row across the Pacific Ocean, to conquer fear, loneliness, they long for it. To follow the path of effort lifts one's self-esteem, respect and love for one another. This is a nice challenge for each of us.

Marie-Christine d'Welles