One of my children went through a period of frequent if not intense cannabis use, when he was aged between 14 and 17. Parents are the last to know. People who know your child is taking drugs – schoolmates, their parents, teachers - will not inform you and teenagers have a law of silence. A true friend came and told me as soon as she knew. Later I heard that some parents had known as well for many years that my son used drugs, but they did not judge it necessary to inform me. This is failing to assist a person in danger.

You also have to know that a child who is doing drugs becomes a liar.

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I have consumed cannabis in very high doses for 4 years, and from time to time I mixed it with alcohol. I got to a point when I wouldn't work anymore, I would stay in my room, I wouldn't see anybody anymore. Then someone in my family gave me a book to read C'est quoi la drogue? by Marie-Christine d'Welles. It was like a big slap in my face, I agreed with many things and it was then I decided to stop taking drugs. I remember the last page [editor's note: the psychotropic drugs table]

It’s true that the first few times it’s funny. Baise-moi wouldn’t have been finished without coke, because we would have been more conscious of all that was happening around us, we’d have had more normal sensibilities … It helps you keep going all night. I wrote my novel Les Jolies Choses in 3-4 days coked up, it unblocks things. You quickly get high for a short amount of time, then you have to take it again straight away and after a while the brain gets confused. […]

In the last two years, it’s really spread everywhere, in squats as well as in the [internationally renown academic institutes] Polytechique and Ecole Nationale d’Administration, it’s as if in people’s minds it’s on the same level as cannabis or alcohol. If I want to buy some, I can buy it any time, in many ways. It’s easier to find than grass.[...] It’s the same in the provinces, before people didn’t take it much in Nancy or Lyon or Rennes. Now when I go there, I see that people are using it a lot: teachers, social workers, social welfare employees, lawyers. They tell me that in Lyon, it’s even found in public high schools […].

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