Everyone who has been a victim of drugs thought drugs couldn't touch them. But because the drugs market is targeted at them, most of the information that surrounds them is false. This misinformation comes from people who sell drugs or who use them and promote them either to justify their behavior or for financial gain.

Drugs confuse people. They cause blackouts, loss of memory, periods of emptiness. A drug user becomes slower; moves, thinks and reacts less quickly. Drugs take a person out of reality and make him or her commit mistakes, which can be very serious in certain situations. They make someone perceive and feel things that are not really there. A person may experience feelings, which have nothing to do with what is actually happening. He may react to situations or risks that do not exist and not react at all when faced with real danger, danger which he may not even have perceived.

Just as drugs numb the nervous system, in the long term they will block any sensation, any feeling. The person acts as if he does not care about anything or anyone around him. He does not feel concerned about anything. He becomes irresponsible for himself and for others. In the beginning, for the most part the person is not conscious of these changes, even when his friends try to talk to him about it. Some young people can give examples of friends who are already in this state having consumed cannabis only once, by pipe or bong.

Drugs burn vitamins and minerals, which are as necessary to the body as food or water. If you do not have the necessary vitamins or minerals in the body, the biochemical reactions cannot happen. The body's immune system will quickly be destroyed. Your body will no longer be able to fight infections and other diseases. If you try to take drugs to feel better, each time the drugs will burn more vitamins and your state will worsen.

I meet with many high school pupils. Those who take drugs have difficulties getting up in the morning. That is not surprising! If they stop using drugs everything will get back to normal... they will become attentive and perform well again.

Beware! Most drugs stay in the body for years, stored in body fat. While exerting oneself, for example walking, doing sport, or in cases of fear or surprise, a small amount of fat is burnt and a some of drugs are released into the body's circulation. This phenomenon makes one want to take drugs again and reactivates the effects of the drug. Young people are victims of drugs in all countries of the world. The most tolerant countries are the most affected. This current deplorable tolerance to street drugs has occurred after generalizing the use of psychiatric drugs in all industrialized countries.

The solution suggested by "specialists" is ... drugs, of course! More drugs and drugs to "heal" disorders made by drugs.

My aim is to tell the truth. Youth is the wealth of a country. I have never met a happy drug-addict. In drugs I have only seen unhappiness and physical or social decay. Those who dare defend drugs can only be enemies of youth. Only people who love money more than mankind can let them within the reach of our children.

By refusing to see your children, your friends, your sisters, your brothers fall into the hidden trap of drugs, we shall win the fight.

Marie-Christine de Welles