Amphetamines are synthetic drugs created in a laboratory.

They are used in psychiatry and are also consumed by athletes, students, armies at wartime and so on. Amphetamines are highly toxic: one pill can be lethal. But habituation to the product is very quick, i.e. to stay effective the dose has to be multiplied tenfold within two to three weeks.

This drug is very dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

infoEffects of amphetamines
Psychoses (suicidal thoughts, paranoia), tactile hallucinations eg. Itchiness of the extremities
High blood pressure, heart attack and so on...
Pulmonary embolism. Amphetamines are suspected of provoking pulmonary hypertension and respiratory depressions, even in therapeutic doses.
Renal failure

As with all laboratory drugs, discontinuation of use must be done with extreme caution. Complete sudden withdrawal can be fatal.


Patented in 1954, methylphenidate is prescribed to treat depression and sleep disorders.

The chemical structure of methylphenidate, Ritalin, is phenylethylamine, which has pharmacological properties similar to those of amphetamines.

Popular name: "kiddy coke".

World consumption in 2011: 52 tons (1.7 billion daily doses).

Production in the U.S.:
1990: 1.8 tons 2011: 41 tonnes

Given to so-called "hyperactive" children.

For 15 years, Ritalin, the obedience pill has been prescribed to millions of American children with disastrous health consequences.

In France, this terrible amphetamine is increasingly prescribed.


Methamphetamines have been very common in France for about ten years. It circulates in all "trendy" circles. It is also called speed, ice, crystal and has the same features as ecstasy. In high schools many cannabis users have already tried it. It has always been used at rave parties. It is easy to manufacture and as with ecstasy, France is a very productive country.



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