The characteristics of psychotropic drugs*

  • These are biochemical poisons, which upset the chemical balance of the body or interfere with its processes. They disrupt or stop its vital functions, i.e. the glands, the brain, the liver, the heart, the eyes, the body's defenses and so on...
  • They poison the mind; provoking or aggravating mental disorders. They are life-threatening and detrimental to the user's family and to the society he lives in. These products end up damaging his personality, destroying his skills and eroding his moral conscience.


A high dosage of any of these products may be lethal.


Habituation (the necessity to increase levels of consumption in order to achieve the initial effect), 
dependency suffering from physical or mental withdrawal 
and difficulty discontinuing usage completely all bear witness to the dangers caused by these poisons.



* Psychotropic: which affects the mind



Drugs : to understand the effects