Why are parents the best placed people to help their children to stop being a drug user ?

Parents are the first educators and the best specialists of their children. That is why they are the most suitable people to help their children stop consuming drugs. Nobody knows better their child than them. They have a loving interest in their child!
It is also possible that a young gets along well with an adult of the family circle (uncle, aunt, friends of parents etc.). This adult can proceed in the same way.

Why are the psychologists and the psychiatrists not better placed adults to help than parents ?

Above all, the majority of the young tell us that it does not help them, that they waste their time and their parents' money without stopping the consumption.

One has to note that in spite of the colossal budgets dedicated to the listening, the follow-up of the young drug users, the number of young who consume increases in an exponential way and the "shrinks" manage only rarely to make a young person stop... That's why it is necessary to ask oneself questions and to change the approach!

A small minority of young people consume because they do not feel good. We are talking about pathologies, which require them to see a doctor. Enfance Sans Drogue is unable to help them.

Nevertheless, when 70 % of high school students are occasional or regular drug users, it is because they "just meddled", they just tried the cannabis. The first time, they liked this highly dosed product and became quickly dependent.

They fell into the trap and do not know how to go out of it any more. It is necessary to tell to them that, fortunately, many stopped consumption only or with the support of their close ones!

It is possible to stop using cannabis contrary to what we are being told! As evidence are the budgets dedicated to the adds promoting the stop of tobacco's consumption! Our grandparents decided to stop and they stopped! It is a question of will even if it is difficult. The free will to get out of it, to get one's life back without drugs, to reach a meaningful purpose in one's life, studies, projects, relationship with others...

Little by little, with consumption, the ill-being and the depression settles down. It is normal, any legal psychotropic drug - antidepressant, anxiolytic, soporific - or illegal - cannabises, amphetamines, cocaine, poppers, heroin lead to depression and to suicide. A young's ill-being is thus the consequence of his/her drug use and not the cause !

You just have to stop taking drugs and you will find again health of body and spirit.

In addition, a few general practitioners and psychiatrists will give to the young legal drugs which will interact with the drugs they consume in the street... The consequence is that the effects of the drugs on the young will be stronger and that depressions will increase.

Drugs are not a disease. You cannot cure them, you must stop consuming them!

The one who does not take drugs is not a drug addict.