Given the number of young people who are drug users, the reduction in the age of the consumption of the first joint, the continuous increase of the suicides directly connected to the consumption of legal drugs
(antidepressants, anxiolytics, sleeping drugs) or illegal (cannabis, poppers, heroin, cocaine etc.), we decided to create this book.

Our advise is based on our experience (300 000 young people seen in conference, everywhere in France, testimonies of consumption by more and more young children, phone calls and e-mails with our
association Enfance Sans Drogue.

Drugs are everywhere, rare are the families not affected by them.

Many young people stopped their consumption having read the book of Marie-Christine d' Welles "What are drugs ?", having spoken with their parents or adults trained by Enfance Sans Drogue.

We have no miracle solution. We choose to put on our website what seems essential to us to tell consumers.