We are an association of mothers convinced that a veritable prevention will help curb the scourge of drugs.

Our goal is to help our children to reject unequivocally any substance that might impair their physical or mental health. Our action is motivated by the love we have for our children and those of others.

We can tell the truth about psychotropic drugs, because we have no political or financial investment, our livelihood is not the care or treatment of drug addicts. It is our desire to have children that are free and happy which makes us want to understand what drugs are.

Like most parents, we thought that we were well informed on the products which are permanently within reach of our children. Some of us, confronted by the problem, realised that we are often misinformed.

Who knew, for example, that cannabis stays stored in the body fat for a minimum of 28 days?

Did you know that the mixing of alcohol and cannabis makes you extremely high and can cause an ethyl induced coma?

We have taken into account the urgency and importance of educating ourselves. Being knowledgeable about drugs is the only way to be able to respond effectively to the pertinent questions of our children. Today we have developed effective tools of prevention.

We parents are the best specialists of our children, we must teach them how to refuse drugs.

Our action is complementary to that of a responsible Government which has the duty to put in place the conditions necessary to protect youth, given that more than 95% of the world's countries are signatories of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child.

It must not ensnare us: it must be refused
It is not an illness: it is a question of willpower
It does not cure itself: stopping does