Heroin can be inhaled, smoked or injected.


  • opium (poppy latex) is extracted by making incisions into the pod after it has flowered;
  • in fresh air, opium appears like a loaf shaped ball of brown gum weighing 1 kilo;
  • it is then mixed with water and then filtered to give purified opium;
  • it is chemically treated to isolate morphine base;
  • base morphine with acetic anhydride makes heroin base.


It is widespread and very affordable nowadays.

It is a trap which frequently ensnares users of cannabis.

Unlike shooting heroin, which makes people nervous because of the injecting, many are caught out during a party because they are unaware that heroin can be inhaled.

Unfortunately, it is most often in this manner that people have their first encounter with heroin.

The user is unaware that he will soon need to shoot up for the first time (dependence develops quickly).


Brown heroin (brown sugar) is not very soluble, drug addicts dissolve it by mixing it with an acid (lemon juice) and heating it in a small spoon prior to injecting it.

Heroin causes a highly relaxed mental and physical state, "flashes" and a "high".

Finding the drug quickly becomes the principle activity for the heroin addict. In case of withdrawal, the user can experience intense anxiety, insomnia, pain, respiratory and cardio-vascular depression which can be fatal.

High doses of heroine cause delirium and hallucinations.


ALL organs and bodily functions are affected. As with all drugs, heroin leads to depression and suicide.

Habituation happens very quickly with this product, therefore it is necessary to increase the frequency of usage. Withdrawal from heroine by total abstinence is very effective and not dangerous for the person. Substitution treatment using Methadone or Subutex is not an efficient therapy but rather a postponement of the problem ...


Speed-ball, which is heroin mixed with cocaine to be snorted, is currently becoming widespread in Europe. Heroin is very often found with cocaine, hashish, ecstasy, amphetamines or benzodiazepines.

A heroin addict strives in vain to recapture his initial high. It is a desperate quest for an absolute ecstacy.


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